10 in custody regarding shootings in Ponds Pasture

10 in custody regarding shootings in Ponds Pasture

TEN individuals are currently in police custody assisting with investigations into two shooting incidents in Pond Pasture on February 11 and 12 respectively.
A press release issued earlier this evening (Feb. 14) by the Public Relations Office of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force states: “It was brought to my attention today that many of you did not receive this email that was sent yesterday. As a result, I am forwarding it again.” It noted that one of the shooting incidents occurred on Monday night (Feb. 11).

The other incident occurred during the wee hours of Tuesday (Feb. 12), in which an unknown assailant or assailants had fired several shots at a home. However, no one was injured.The release also stated that the 10 men in custody “are also being questioned about their involvement in organised crime in the Federation”.


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