Christian Council speaks out on recent homicides

Christian Council speaks out on recent homicides

IN light of the recent spate of gun violence in St. Kitts in which the lives of six young men were snuffed out over a seven-day period,  the St. Kitts Christian Council is saddened by this national calamity and is offering advice to all and sundry.
In a recent press release, the religious body wrote, “We call upon all citizens, parents, leaders of civic institutions, law enforcement, political entities, and government to examine: The ways in which we are raising our children; the kinds of rhetoric and intolerant behaviour that we are modelling that could lead to these types of callous disregard for the sanctity of life.

The release also said that the Christian Council wishes to reiterate that the church holds very dearly the value of human life. “We believe that life is a precious gift from God, our Creator,” it added. “As such, we are deeply pained and anguished when one human life is taken by another. When there is such great loss.

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