Dr. Patrick Martin praises Top Cops for openness

Dr. Patrick Martin praises Top Cops for openness

COMMISSIONERS OF POLICE of Anguilla, St. Maarten and St. Kitts and Nevis came in for high praise from former Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patrick Martin for their openness in the existence of contract killings, among other criminal acts, within the three countries.

Dr. Martin’s praise for the Top COPs came in light of what were expressed at a recently held meeting in the Customs Conference Room, where those in attendance included representatives from the British National Crime Agency, US Drug Enforcement Agency, SKN Ministry of National Security, SKN Defence Force and SKN Immigration Department.

Anguilla’s Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison also alluded to the fact that contract killing exists on that island.“We do endorse that we do think there are contracted hits. We have at least three murders in Anguilla, which we linked to contracted persons being hired to carry out although not all successfully.”

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