Idella “Della” Wallace, 62, is still beaming with pride after she was crowned winner of the second annual Miss Nevis Senior Queen Pageant hosted by the Ministry of Social Development through the Department of Social Services, Senior Citizens Division at the Cultural Village, a stone’s throw from her home in Lower Stoney Grove on October 26, 2019.Ms. Wallace won among four contestants who made judged appearances in Sportswear, Talent and Evening wear before an appreciative crowd of at least 1,200 spectators.
“I feel good about myself. I feel so good that I didn’t let down my children. My grandchildren and my supporters…Well it was a big moment, a big moment. I was a bit scared but I just tell myself I can do it and I just do it. When they announced that I won a little tears come to my eyes, I bend down and I give thanks.“Well I [am] getting a lot of support on the street still. People meet me, hug me, congratulate me. Some give me one or two gifts and tell me well I did good.

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