Basseterre St.Kitts February 24 2020 (SKNVIBES)
At the tender age of two, Venelle Powell walked into her mother’s house and belted out ‘blessed assurance’ to her mother and it’s was all downhill from there. Seeing her unwavering talents, her mother was dedicated to molding and fine tuning her daughters’ gift into the angelic, passionate and peaceful voice you hear today. Over 26 years later Venelle is now one the performers for one of the most popular music festivals in the Caribbean region, The St. Kitts Music Festival. 
Venelle’s journey to stardom was not easy, she confessed that she started her music career after she dropped out of Pharmacy school in Jamaica. “I was studying Pharmacy for a few years and it was terrible, it was so bad, I was failing everything and no matter how hard I tried I was failing.“That was one of the hardest points of my life. I was spiraling in and out of depression because the truth of the matter is, from the first year I knew this wasn’t going to work but I said no you can’t just give up, you have to try, you have to give it its time. So, I was trying to give it its time,” she said.

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