Basseterre,St.Kitts April 11 2020 (TIMESCARIBBEAN)
Leadership matters in times of crisis. The recent presence of COVID 19 has demanded that people come first. We accept the notion of ‘a first time ‘in having to frame a policy response to COVID 19. However, the reality is that all leaders are elected to make a difference. The recent publication of data out of indicates how some countries are fearing within the boundaries of the new normal of a COVID 19 crisis.
SKN continues to demonstrate an interesting case study among its CARICOM counterparts with a population of just around 53 113 persons. The decisive leadership decisions of closing borders and not allowing non-citizens from 31 affected countries entry illustrates that LEADERSHIP MATTERS as well as an appreciation for crisis intervention. This border decision policy and mandatory quarantine demonstrated action located in the ideals that “development is ..deeper than economics” .
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