SKELEC Scheduled maintenance outages for Oct. 12- 16th

SKELEC Scheduled maintenance outages for Oct. 12- 16th

Basseterre,St.Kitts October 9 2020 (SKNVIBES)
The St. Kitts Electricity Company Ltd. is advising the public of scheduled maintenance outages for the week 12th October- 16th October 2020. The scheduled maintenance outages are necessary to perform maintenance as a part of our ongoing efforts to improve reliability.Customers in these communities can expect an interruption of supply between the hours stated. Please note that the electricity supply may be interrupted later and restored earlier than the scheduled times.
Persons who remain without power after the scheduled outages are asked to call 465-2013 or 600 from a mobile phone to report the outage.The St. Kitts Electricity Company Ltd. would like to thank the public for its understanding and support during this time.


   Monday 12th October 2020
9-1 pm

9- 3pm
Saddlers to St. Paul’s

    Tuesday 13th October 2020
Christ Church, Mansion and Estridge Estate

9- 1 pm
Old Road

    Wednesday 14th October 2020
9- 3pm
CAP Southwell Industrial Site, Pond Road

   Thursday 15th October 2020
9- 1pm
Newtown Bay Rd near Sands Complex

    Friday 16th October 2020
9- 1pm

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